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Senate Bill 2650: Passed 23 to 2 in the Senate on April 29, 2010
(Relating to the Department of Human Services) to amend the bill in conference committee to provide a systematic plan to establish a pilot program to process applications for several divisions of the Department of Human Services, which had announced the lay off nearly half of its 517 workers who process applications for government benefits and shut down 31 eligibility offices statewide under a cost-cutting plan that was set to go into effect June 30. Governor's veto was overridden in the Senate.

Senate Bill 2159: Passed 19 to 6 in the Senate on April 29, 2010
To increase the fee for a traffic abstract from $7 to $20, and the amount of the fee deposited into the general fund from $5 to $18, as amended in committee. Governor's veto overridden in the Senate.

Senate Bill 2840: Passed 22 to 3 in the Senate on April 29, 2010
To override the Governor's Veto on the bill to require contractors awarded certain public works and construction contracts to have a workforce made up of no less than eighty percent of Hawaii residents employed for the contract.

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